If you are among the many who walk into an empty apartment and then fret about where to place the dining table, and the sofa or the bed; or wonder how everything seems to fit so effortlessly in compact hotel rooms around the world; or would like to best showcase your property so that it sells or gets rented out at the right price, then you probably need to head to Interiorra.


“Our company is designed to overcome the hassles of furnishing a property,” says Nushafreen Merchant one of the three partners who make up the creative team of the company.


Coming from a hotel industry background, Merchant has seen the best of furnishings in various hotels. “I always admired how all these various elements have been put together and such astonishing designs and concepts have been actualised,” she says. “After coming to Dubai I got my first job in the furnishing industry which changed my concept of a job, since then never has a day gone by when I don’t wake up to do something I love doing.”


Custom-made designs

Interiorra specialises in creating spaces that combine simple, functional furnishings with stylish interior design ideas. Their portfolio of creations spans residential properties, staff accommodation, hotel apartments, resorts and restaurant interiors. The company designs, manufactures and stocks its own range of furniture, which cannot be found in retail stores in the emirates.


“We specialise in apartment living and tailor our products to suit the more confined spaces offered by real estate developers,” says Suzanne Haines, another partner. “We can customise a project right from design through to manufacture and fit out on-site, each step of the process is managed directly by the Interiorra partners.”


Haines’ love for furnishing started at an early age, when she received an inheritance at the age of ten and decided to spend the money on decorating her bedroom. Today her career spans 20 years of developing homes and designing interiors.


“When I moved to Dubai, I struggled to find a nicely furnished apartment, most were cluttered with oversized, dark furniture,” she says. “With such a huge expat community there was a need for fresh modern interiors. There are a number of designer furniture shops but with expensive price tags and hence we chose to focus on the mid-range market with the benefit of our knowledge and ideas to create a one-stop source of modern interior styling.”


Early days

So how did the company come about? Interiorra was formed mainly to service the requirement of Orra Real Estate Developer, who specialise in lifestyle apartments in Dubai and understand the benefit of using an interior consultant not just architects. “Our company name is in honour of our major project, as a large portion of our work is carried out in the Orra Marina Tower, their initial development in Dubai,” says Haines. “Plans to extend their portfolio of apartment towers are already underway.”


Today Interiorra offers pre-designed furniture packages with interior home styling services. The company does contract furniture for the hospitality and F&B industry, with design, manufacture and fit-out, as well as developer consultancy and show homes.


The furniture, all designed in the latest European style, is an exclusive brand only available with Interiorra. It is imported from Indonesia and made from locally sourced timber. Each piece is created by expert craftsmen using state-of-the-art equipment. Strict quality control at each step of the manufacturing process ensures the highest international standards. “We are heavily involved in the design of the furniture to make sure it suits our target market,” says Haines.


“Having been in many of the towers we know the spacing issues and therefore took away these hassles with pre-designing our stocked furniture ranges. We went one step further to also pre-design our fabrics and accessories to make the client’s selection process simple

and easy.”


Creating a niche

Interiorra focuses on their dress-to-sell and dressto- rent services, helping homeowners sell or rent their property at a premium price. “It’s a marketing tool to furnish a property,” says Haines. “A furnished home will always be more appealing in photographs. Many clients cannot visualise how they will live or where they will place their furniture.


But creating a niche is not easy. “The biggest challenge is educating owners that to achieve a higher return on investment it makes sense to spend the correct budget rather than make costly mistakes or cut a budget and not achieve the desired final look,” says Haines.


Today Interiorra has grown by recommendation and repeat business, where clients who have worked with them on projects trust them to provide the best service.

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