APRIL 2015


As featured in TIME OUT MAGAZINE


Whether you have just arrived in the city or are moving to an unfurnished villa or apartment, furnishing from scratch can be daunting. Time Out Dubai catches up with Nushafreen Merchant, co-founder of professional furnishing company Interiorra, to find out how to do it…


1. Set a Budget

Take into account three things: the length of stay in your new home, your current financial position, and whether the furnishings will be an investment into the sale price of the home down the track.


2. Consider the shape of your home

Dubai is famous for its unique building designs, but this makes it tricky when buying furniture to suit an abstract shaped room.  Ensure that you measure the room properly before making purchases.


3. Remember curtains or blinds

It’s rare to find a home that already has window furnishings in Dubai. To save space if the room is small, consider roman blinds. They contain less fabric and won’t feel too heavy for the room.


4. Find a colour scheme

When it comes to choosing an interior colour scheme, take inspiration from existing colours, such as wooden doors, floor tiles, and walls.


5. Invest in key pieces

Investing in key pieces of high quality furniture and accessories can have major impact on a room. For example a lounge suite, made of superior material in a neutral colour will ensure most other elements in the room complement each other.


6. Opt for comfort

Comfort should play an important role in the selection of furniture. Shop around and test run pieces where possible.


7. Research your bed

Remember, a good bed and mattress is an investment in your overall health. Firstly take accurate measurements of your bedroom and then decide which colour and style you are after.


8. Add colour

Most properties in Dubai come with off-white coloured walls; however you are generally able to paint them, as long as they are returned to the original colour when you move out. Choose paint in the natural light of day.


9. Add accessories

Invest in signature pieces, such as artwork or lamps. Accessories should reflect your personal style, yet maintain simplicity and charm.


Employ a Professional

If furnishing a home from scratch sounds daunting, invest in hiring a professional. This can have a big impact on your wallet - and it can also affect the future value of your property if you are looking to sell.

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