JULY 2015



Wednesday, July 22, 15 Throughout the coming months, Dubai’s holiday home rentals will once again be stockpiled with tourists looking to cling to year-round sunshine as the European summer winds down. In a competitive and steadily growing market, holiday home companies and investors are often looking for a way to give themselves an edge in a city booming with rentals.


Whilst one cannot argue the significance of location and service to rental values, for many short-term rental properties interior design, style and luxury fittings may provide an advantage. Interiorra have developed an interior solutions business model to provide assistance and support to the industry through custom made and designed furniture packages. Holiday homeowners and investors can present rentals with affordable, durable, and elegant designer furnishings in every room - without a second thought for measurements, colour palettes or the chaos of shopping headaches in the retail stores.


Partners Suzanne Haines and Nushafreen Merchant have worked extensively within the short-term rental market, and understand common concerns such as operational hazards related to furnishing and maintaining inventory as units grow. Their goal is to provide a turn-key solution for clients through providing simple, functional and stylish interior design ideas and furnishings in every room, removing the stress and time constraints involved with interior design.  Suzanne states, “When we talk to people, whether it’s registered holiday home companies, investors, hotels or single clients, they are doing all the running around themselves…trying to be designers and also trying to save money.” Sound familiar?


Through having expert interior styling incorporated into the package price, Interiorra clients are able to save money on expensive design fees while being guaranteed chic European-style furniture, with soft furnishings and art to complement. Nushafreen states “As holiday homes are sold by a picture on the web, first impressions are paramount! Nushafreen adds “Over a period of time working with our clients they trust our selections and our products. We advise them in the latest market trends in décor. We create consistency in the furnishings of their properties. Our turn-around time in completing a job is beneficial to the operator, the sooner it is handed over the less they loose on rent income”.



With an exclusive brand of furniture not available on the retail market, a designated fit out team and a direct workshop facility, turnaround times for complete fit outs are exceptionally quick. Usually within 7 to 10 working days but Interiorra have impressed some clients by changing rooms in as little as 48 hours.


Additionally, Interiorra have manufacturing capabilities, and can assist high volume clients in designing, branding and producing their own exclusive range of furnishings.


With holiday home revenues more profitable than long-term rentals, many holiday home companies are seeing a significant growth in their portfolios, which can be problematic to furnish quickly, easily and above all elegantly. Interiorra provides the perfect solution to the headaches of holiday home companies and investors.

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