MARCH 2015



Dubai, UAE. 13 March, 2015: Leading Dubai based interior solutions firm, Interiorra, has launched a professional developer consultancy arm to their ever expanding business, with a focus on educating and advising property developers in the initial stages of development right through to delivering the property, complete with custom created interior packages designed to increase the final sale and rental price of the property.


With the relentless swelling of the property market in Dubai, developers are constantly looking for a unique selling point, something that sets them apart from their competitors, an aspect to their design that attracts investors to them and results in an increased final sale price of the property.


Cue Interiorra.


With over twenty years experience working for developers in United Kingdom and Dubai , the founders and team at Interiorra have developed an exceptional product and service that works at both ends of the development process, from initial planning with the developer through to the handover of the property to the investor.


Nushafreen Merchant, co-founder of Interiorra says, ‘It is essential for developers to show their property in a final look and ensure it’s appealing to prospective buyers. Having a styled and furnished apartment, instead of an empty apartment is a major selling tool for the developer. ‘


‘Interiorra can start advising from when the building is still under construction,’ Nushafreen says,  ‘property developers will hire an architect to plan their building, but often overlook the interior layout. Advice from our team such as planning of mechanical and electrical features to maximize practical use of the space can have a major impact on the final product and eventual sale price of the apartments.’


In many cases in Dubai, where the property has already been completed and handed over, Interiorra will also work closely with individual investors to style the empty apartments they have for further sale for or to place on the rental market.


‘We can deliver a totally lived-in look with key life-style appeal, so property buyers can imagine themselves living there.’ Nushafreen says. ‘It’s a very personal approach to the styling, and we work with the space given to us to create a tasteful yet practical concept at an affordable investment.’


Interiorra have an impressive client list, working with developers such as Orra Real Estate Developers and Tharwaa Escan and providing professional interior consultancy advice. Interiorra has also achieved great results for individual clients with personal, stylish furnishings of properties in Park Towers, Burj Khalifa, and Atlantic Tower.


Interiorra are available for consultations on site and at their office in Jumeirah Lake Towers, which comprises of a complete furnished showroom where clients are able to view the furniture and décor on offer and run through the various other design options at their in-house workshop. Back to news