Suzanne Haines

Born and brought up in the United Kingdom, Suzanne started her career 18 years ago with a bespoke property developer in Surrey.  She gained valuable experience over 13 years in all aspects of building and renovating properties, together with interior design skills. She moved to Dubai in 2009 and followed a career in furnishings. Working for several well-known rental and contract furniture companies, Suzanne used her UK experience to assist in expanding these brands and increasing revenues. She built a reliable reputation working with a local developer to provide show homes, common area lobby design and furnishing solutions, together with consultancy advice on interiors for future residential and hotel-apartment buildings. Suzanne also worked as a freelance home stylist, cementing relationships with local suppliers and furniture providers. Having studied the philosophy of Feng Shui for years, she believes all spaces should create harmonic energy combined with practical living solutions. Interiors are not just her job, they are her lifestyle.

What Nush says about Suzanne:

Suzanne has a very professional attitude. She is highly motivated and has a keen eye for detail. I love and trust her colour co-ordination and fabric selections. Suzanne is a perfectionist who will not classify her projects as complete until she is 100% satisfied with them herself.


Nushafreen Merchant

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Nushafreen began her career in hotel management in 2002, proceeding to set up her own business in Mozambique running an Indian restaurant. She moved to Dubai in 2007 and joined a newly established furniture procurement company where she was the sole employee, single handedly managing sales, marketing, project management, furniture sourcing, finding suppliers and then building a team. After 3 years, she joined a more established interior company where she continued to develop her talents. She achieved a flagship contract with an internationally known developer, managing the complete interior fit-out for four buildings. Having gained solid trust with her clients, she carried on to work for many of them on a freelance basis. Nushafreen’s experience now covers all areas of interiors, from design to manufacturing and importing of furniture.

Olga Hajiyeva

Born and brought up in Baku, Azerbaijan. Olga graduated from the Azerbaijan International College of Finance and Economics and began her career as a Business Development Trainee at Abela & Co.  She then joined Wembley Developments, as a Compliance & QC Manager, handling the real estate business portfolio, hotels and serviced apartments. She moved to Dubai in 2007 and joined EC Harris Project Consultants for the UAE government's pilot entertainment project, Global Village-Dubai Land. In 2010, she joined Orra Real Estate Developers LLC-Dubai for their prime luxury residential project, Orra Marina-Dubai Marina. As a Director of Marketing and Sales, she set up a core team and organized international road shows in Africa, India and Russia, while participating annually in the Cityscape exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Having established herself in the profession, she expanded her expertise and developed her keen interest for interior designing and fitting out furnished apartments to her prospective client base. In her most recent designation as a Whole Time Director of Orra Real Estate Developers and their associate group of companies, she jointly manages two prime developments in Dubai, having a total development area under construction of 1.5 million sq ft.

What Suzanne says about Nush:

Nush has a “can do” and “will do” attitude. I have always been in awe of her calm nature. Even under extreme pressure, she will not crack! Having seen her work right through two pregnancies, she can remarkably balance her work and family life. When I decided to start a company, there was no hesitation in who I would partner with. Although our styles and ideas can sometimes differ, we complement each other. Together, we are strong in our vision and values.


How Olga describes her partners:

Suzanne and Nush are two sides of the same coin, opposites but yet complementing each other perfectly to work together as a team. Both are extremely dedicated and passionate about their work. Their creativity is supported by a keen desire, will and enthusiasm to comprehend the dynamic business environment and its challenges.