1. Payment Terms

Payment may be made by cheque from a recognized U.A.E bank, cash, credit card or direct bank transfer.  Please note that all credit card payments are subject to an additional charge.


Cleared funds are required from customers before goods can be released.


Final payments are due no later than 48 hours from delivery/completion of project.


Note all goods remain in the ownership of Interiorra General Trading LLC until paid for in full.  Unless agreed in writing for an extension, recovery of goods will be made if final payment is not received within thirty (30) days.


2. Delivery

Goods will be delivered only after we have received cash or cleared funds in our bank account.


Delivery days exclude Friday and Public Holidays.


3. Installation

We will provide an estimate only of the number of days required to complete a job.


We will make every effort to commence work on a date suitable to the client. However, we reserve the right to change this date if, in exceptional circumstances, labour or materials are not available.


DEWA and A/C connection is a must on site prior to the installation date.


Du/Etisalat connection is the responsibility of the client and Interiorra General Trading LLC takes no responsibility for this service.


Our team of workers is experienced and careful. However, we will not be responsible in case of any damage, burst pipes or electric wire breakage that may occur while drilling or fit-out works are in progress.


4. Site Access

Easy access to the site for our team and sub-contractors must be arranged by the client prior to the delivery schedule.

Any paperwork or deposits required by the Building Management must be provided by the client. We will charge an administration fee, on a case by case basis, if required to carry out these formalities on behalf of the client.


5. Cancellations

We will consider, but are not bound to accept any request for cancellation of an approved sales order.  Any request for cancellation must be submitted in writing prior to the agreed installation date.


We reserve the right to levy an administration charge (minimum 20%) together with any manufacturing costs incurred whilst processing the order.


Requests for cancellation will not be considered where custom design, sizes or colours have been specially commissioned.


Requests for cancellation will not be considered more than one (1) month after a sales order confirmation date.


6. Returns

We do not normally accept return of goods if correctly supplied as ordered. If goods are accepted for return for any reason, they should be returned in the original packaging otherwise we reserve the right to levy an administration charge (minimum 20%).  This does not affect warranty issues for defective furniture.


7. Warranty

Our furniture is sold with a 12 month warranty against manufacturer’s defects.  Any defects will be reported to our factory for consideration and we will advise on rectification or reimbursement within 7-10 working days. This does not include normal wear and tear, damages occurring from improper use, cleaning with abrasive products.  Please refer to our How to care for your Hardwood Furniture leaflet.  Standard manufacturer’s warranty and terms apply for out-sourced goods.


8. Storage

We reserve the right to charge a storage fee for goods held in our warehouse for more than one (1) month.

Storage time will be calculated starting thirty (30) days from date of sales order confirmation, or thirty (30) days from the period of days/weeks mentioned in the shipment method.